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[26 Nov 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
An independentist Parliament to pilot the transition to the Catalan State

Yesterday’s election in Catalonia is a turning point for Catalan politics.

Coalition CiU has clearly won the election and ERC has become the left wing main Catalan party. Currently, the two main parties at the Catalan Parliament are independentist.
Comparing with the 2010 results. Out of 135 the amount of pro independence seats has increased from 14 to 74. 87 seats support the referendum since left wing – ecologist Catalan party ICV continues to be undefined in their position about independence but support the referendum.

Some people see the decrease in CiU’s …

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[20 Nov 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
A Catalan odyssey to vote

Just got back from the Post Office. My vote is sent. This wasn’t easy.
Spain blocked the vote of the Catalan expats through bureaucracy so that only some 16000 Catalans have been able to vote. More than 140000 Catalan expats who requested to vote will not be able to do so. The issue has been denounced by the Catalan EuroMPs to the European Institutions. (ca)
In order to get my vote I had to personally go to London and spend a whole morning (more than 3 hours) at the Spanish Embassy …

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[14 Nov 2012 | No Comment | ]

Per a aquells que hagueu rebut les paperetes de votació del proper 25N heu de saber que hi ha un error a la fulla d’instruccions. El taló de reemborsament ha d’anar al sobre del Consulat, no al sobre de la Junta Electoral.
Si no es fa així el vot pot ser considerat nul.
Si voleu més informació mireu aquí

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[8 Oct 2012 | 3 Comments | ]

He llegit l’article de l’Oriol Junqueras garantint la oficialitat del castellà al futur Estat Català. Tots sabíem que aquest debat arribaria tard o d’hora i com a líder d’ERC la posició de l’Oriol Junqueras té un gran impacte. Jo proposo que abans d’arribar a conclusions en parlem abans.
L’idioma és un tema important perquè en el cas de Catalunya aquest, i no l’etnicitat, és el principal element de vertebració de la identitat nacional.
Primerament, m’agrada que ja estiguem debatint com serà el futur estat català. Però abans d’entrar a cap altra …

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[27 Sep 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Catalonia’s next goal: to become a European State

Two eventful weeks of September
The huge demonstration on September 11th has been the turning point. 2 million people peacefully marching down the streets of Barcelona which made it to newspapers all over the world.
I couldn’t make it to the demonstration itself, since at the moment I live and work in England but I was there on the weekend of the 14th and the main topic of convesation with everybody I spoke with (an african friend who runs a restaurant, my hairdresser, relatives, a friend) was independence. Without me even …