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[26 Nov 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
An independentist Parliament to pilot the transition to the Catalan State

Yesterday’s election in Catalonia is a turning point for Catalan politics.

Coalition CiU has clearly won the election and ERC has become the left wing main Catalan party. Currently, the two main parties at the Catalan Parliament are independentist.
Comparing with the 2010 results. Out of 135 the amount of pro independence seats has increased from 14 to 74. 87 seats support the referendum since left wing – ecologist Catalan party ICV continues to be undefined in their position about independence but support the referendum.

Some people see the decrease in CiU’s …

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[5 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]

Catalan independentist association Reagrupament submitted back in April an ICE requesting the European Commission to create a procedure for the internal enlargement of the EU of which we already spoke about here. In reponse to this the European Commission replied that the way to handle this situation would have to be found within the rules of international law.
Again last week European Commission President José Manuel Durao Barroso replied, in response to eurodeputy Mara Bizzotto query on whether Catalan citizens would lose their European citizenship status should Catalonia declare independence …

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[7 Apr 2011 | One Comment | ]
April the 10th, the popular referendum takes place in Barcelona

The organisation is ready, it has been going on for months already and the accumulated experience from the previous rounds has been a key factor for the success of this round. On sunday, the popular referendum for the independence of Catalonia, one of the most important events of this generation of Catalans, will take place in Barcelona. It all started in Arenys de Munt and now has spread, through successive rounds to 532 towns and villages in Catalonia involving more than 60000 volunteers. (Check out previous rounds here, here, here …

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[1 Apr 2011 | One Comment | ]
Former President Jordi Pujol votes for Catalonia’s independence

Former Catalan President Jordi Pujol has declared on the radio that he has already voted “Yes” by advance poll in the upcoming popular referendum for independence that will take place on April the 10th in Barcelona.
Jordi Pujol was the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya for more than two decades and his policies were always aimed to try to make Catalonia fit in Spain as he believed in a plurinational Spain. A couple of months ago he surprised everybody by saying that seeing the unfair treatment Catalonia receives from …

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[22 Jul 2010 | 19 Comments | ]
UN’s sentence on Kosovo clears the way for Catalonia’s independence

Today the UN’s International Court of Justice said Kosovo’s independence didn’t break any rules since there are no international laws that prohibits declarations of independence. This is very important for many stateless nations in the world, including Catalonia. The list of countries against Kosovo’s independence includes China, Serbia, Russia and Spain. Spain’s fear was that this ruling would create a precedent that stateless nations such as Euskal Herria (Basque Country) or Catalonia could use to accelerate their processes of independence.
This is excellent news and with very good timing since …