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More than 1 million Catalans flood Barcelona calling for independence

10 July 2010 23 Comments

Catalan independence demonstration

As we speak the biggest demonstration for the independence of Catalonia is taking place. According to the organisers one and a half million, according to the police, more than one million. The whole of Catalonia has been today one voice calling for independence. You can draw your own conclusions.


A beautiful video montage from the demonstration published by TV3, the Catalan TV

And a sample of international coverage, from Euronews:




  • Selena said:

    I was there :) !!

  • Candide said:

    So was Montilla, until they chased him away.

  • Siw said:

    Amazing! Go for it, Catalonia!

    From Wales.

  • Lluís said:

    A 20% of Catalonia’s population has gathered today in Barcelona’s downtown, with a main slogan in the stickers they wore on their cloths: “Adéu, Espanya” (=Goodbye, Spain).

    I’m far to be a teenager, as you can easily deduce if I admit to have been to the 1978 demonstration for the devolution of self-government to Catalonia -that one was considered up to-date to have been the largest ever in the country. Then it was 1 milion people.

    Today, we were 1 milion and a half people, according to the organizers. In spite that Barcelona Local Police lowers such a cypher to ‘only’ 1.100,000 demonstrators, this new demonstration still stands as the largest one, by far.

    This was was a really huge demostration of power by people, who have left aside even their own politicians and official slogans. The only common, all through widespread slogan was “INDEPENDENCE”, as the most seen flag there was the Catalan Republic one -the Lonely Star, or “Estelada”.

  • Albert (author) said:


  • Candide said:

    Ok, now that you’ve been fooled, go vote CiU. I understand that this is what all the fuss was about.

    Do not mind that every politician you vote into parliament and, especially, government will be most happy about the income boost.

  • Diarmuid Breatnach said:

    There was also a big solidarity demonstration in the Basque Country and a smaller one at the GPO in Dublin yesterday. Hope you’re able to get photos and post them.

  • Diarmuid Breatnach said:

    Big demonstration in solidarity in the Basque Country too yesterday and smaller one at GPO in Dublin. Hope you can get photos and publish.

  • Siurana79 said:

    I have been tremendously disillusioned when I got to know we got deceived again through the Spanish Supreme Court ruling to cut the Catalan Statue, voted 4 years ago. Again, the Popular Party, the grandsons of those who cut our rights during the civil war, attempted against our right to decide on our own identity and cultural feelings by knocking on the doors of a goup of old fashioned fascists judges, calling for the unity of Spain.
    Well, the unity of Spain does not stand by fucking other’s rights, the unity of Spain is to be made through the social education, cultural respect and voice for all the citizens to be heard.
    More than ever, INDEPENDENCE.

  • B Griffith said:

    Best of luck Catalonia – Spain will never take away your identity, heritage, language and freedom,
    From Cymru /Wales

  • Vicenç Ramoneda i Ullar said:

    Hi ha dos tipus de partits polítics a Catalunya.

    A) Els espanyolistes, que encara voldran un estatutet, refer pactes o diàlegs, sobiranistes o federalistes i que tot segueixi com fins ara.

    B) Els que vulguin la Llibertat i ser Estat!

    (cal passar ratlla a una de les dues opcions a les properes eleccions)

    Go for it, Catalonia!
    Visca la Democràcia!
    Visca la Constitució Catalana!
    Visca la Llibertat!
    Visca Catalunya Estat!

    There are two types of political parties in Catalonia.

    A) The Spaniards, who still want a “estatutet”, redo contracts or dialogues, nationalists and federalists and that everything continues as before.

    B) Those who want freedom and became a State!

    (We have to go line to one of the two options in the next election)

    Go for it, Catalonia!
    Hurray Democracy!
    Hurray the Catalan Constitution!
    Hurray the Liberty!
    Hurray Catalonia Estate!

  • Candide said:

    It is very typical of the situation how some people resort to slogans instead of arguments.

    As to the use of the word “freedom”, I feel very free in Catalonia.

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  • Free said:

    Free Catalonia, Free Scotland, Free Wales, Free England

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  • Candide said:

    Free Pallars. Any of the two.

  • kashem said:

    go ahead catalan. a new country a new dream.

  • Albert (author) said:

    Thank you Kashem!

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